Install Ambiance X Theme

The targeted platform for this theme is Ubuntu 12.10.

Installation Steps

1. Download the installation package here.

2. Expand the Archive.

Ambiance X 1480-150

3. Click or double Click the folder icon to open the AmbianceXTheme Folder

Ambiance X 1480-151

4. Click or double Click the “” icon to run the installation script.

Ambiance X 1480-155

Select [Run] when prompted.

Ambiance X 1480-152

5. Confirm the Installation.

Ambiance X 1480-153


Immediately after pressing [Run] the software will prompt you to authenticate with your log in password. Installation only takes a moment to complete and the installer will alert you to a successful installation or errors.

To begin using Ambiance X, log out and log in.

Updating / Removing AmbianceX

Ambiance X 1480-154

In the event your desire becomes to revert back to Ambiance or any other theme, remove Ambiance X by running the script.

Overlay Scrollbars

By default Ambiance X turns off overlay scrollbars. The installation package includes two additional scripts (DisableUbuntuScrollbars / EnableUbuntuScrollbars) to permit changing this functionality.

Running Installation From Terminal

In the event the Installer does not run as prescribed in step 4, open a terminal window [alt-t] and type the following.

$ cd Downloads/AmbianceXTheme [press Enter]
$ bash [press Enter]


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