Is The HP Chromebook 11 Dead? (It’s Back)

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Without fanfare the HP Chromebook 11 is sliding back into circulation. I think this is a good thing as other manufacturers are queuing products for introduction in the coming months.

The timing could not be worse as the $3.00 charger which this device so disparately depends is allegedly prone to over heating. It is hard to say how many of the chargers are defective but like a fire alarm, when the alarm sounds you leave the building.

At the time of this writing the HP Chromebook 11 does not exist. Removed from the retail shelves of stores like Best Buy and erased from the Google Play store.

I spoke with Google about this matter and the long story short is they are trying to figure out what to do.

The sad truth is no matter how this spins, it will not end well as the biggest shopping season of the year is upon us. Right now the #2 HP Chromebook 11 has been replace by the ASUS Transformer Book T100TA Window 8 convertible on Amazon’s best seller list. Not long ago the top four best selling where Chromebooks.

Problem #1 – Reasonable doubt

In the minds of many consumers who may consider purchasing a HP Chromebook 11 in the future the product is flawed.

Problem #2 – Resolving the issue

Profit on this type of product is part cost of goods and part processing. For inventory on hand, someone will have to reprocess each item and replace the charger.

For inventory in production, old chargers will have to be discarded and replaced with new.

Problem #3 – Convincing the public the problem is fixed

This is related to problem #1. If the new charger resembles the old how will I know its not the same? My advice would be to make sure the new charger looks different even if its a small bright colored label attached to the cable.

Problem #4 – Satisfying current owners

As a Chromebook 11 owner I really don’t know much about what is going on and the risks of using the device.

  1. Does my charger get warm? (Yes).
  2. Will it erupt into flames and cause a fire? (Don’t know).
  3. How will Google make this right? (TBD)

Google’s advice is don’t use the charger. Ok – I guess that means I share the adapter provided with my cell phone, find another adapter, or purchase a replacement. If I use another adapter and damage my Chromebook is that my bad or Googles?

And last – as fast charging is the mitigation to poor battery life using a cell phone charger is not the best solution.

The official info is posted to the following links.

Chromebook Blogspot

Chromebook Support Page

One thought on “Is The HP Chromebook 11 Dead? (It’s Back)

  1. Wow John. Calling it a bit earlier are we? Needless to say, that the Dell’s that caught on fire didn’t stop the production line for those PCs. Heck I still have a Dell where the charger constantly heats up and eventually shuts down. Hasn’t ruined anything for me yet.

    I’ve dealt with lot of neat computer stuff going up in amazing little plumes of smoke from Cisco routers/switches, HP blades, printers, monitors, and yes even chargers. None, actually cause any kind of inferno and usually just taking the device outside or using a Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher for three or four seconds does the trick.

    Seriously, though, I doubt this is what kills the HP Chromebook. PCs had these problems for decades and it didn’t stop anyone from buying them.

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