LG Chrome Device?


It certainly looks like LG will launch some sort of Chrome device as evidenced by the trademark application submitted recently.

tmWatch writes LG has submitted trademark applications for the following.

  • ChromeOne
  • ChromeStation
  • ChromeDesk

Quoted from the application …

Class 9: Projectors; head phones; mobile phones; television receivers; speakers for television; universal serial bus (USB) drives; monitors for computers; laptop computers; computers; digital versatile disc (DVD) players; portable hard disk drives for computer; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; computer application software; audio receivers; settop boxes; car speakers; speakers for home theaters; audio-video (AV) receivers for home theaters; convertible computers; tablet computers

Coming to the party fashionably late does have its advantages. If LG were to follow HP’s lead and offer a similar quality mid-range Chromebook with a Snapdragon 600 or 800 SoC, backlit keyboard, and all day operation from the battery; I believe this would be an instant success.

LG does have a strong relationship with Qualcomm.

One thought on “LG Chrome Device?

  1. I love how you imagine next gen Chromebooks and honestly i hope they turn out to be that way. A Nexus Chromebook should be in the works by Google or at least i hope, something more affordable unlike the pixel and for the love of god just speed this up already and add Android well all want it and it would be great competition to Microsoft and apple.

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